Core Values

Business without expertise cannot be successful and company without morality cannot be a good company.
We are looking for a person with great potential and passion who can encourage other people in the company.
  • Without expertise the business
    can not be successful
  • Without morality the company
    can not be successful
  • A positive person
sTraffic's expectation - 'A positive person who has expertise and morality'
  • - A potential person who can cultivate himself while growing with the company
  • - An active person who has a sound/positive/constructive/great/active personality
  • - A creative person who has Grit
  • - A stable person who can balance between leadership and followership

Employee benefits package

Various compensation will encourage employees to do their best at their work.
  • 4 InsuranceNational pension, National healthy insurance, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance
  • Accident insuranceStaff
  • Personal pension
Health/Medical Allowance
  • Medical Support Staff him/herself/Spouse, Children
  • Medical Checkup Overall Medical Check (Including lifetime medical check every 5 years)
  • Overtime payment: Overtime, Special payment for non working day, annual/monthly allowance
  • salary system: Excellence staff reward, Retirement fund, Incentive
  • Meal: Lunch allowance is provided
Tuition assistance
  • Children education tuitionkindergarten, middle school, high school, university
Leisure Activity support
  • In-company club supportMountain climbing, Baseball club
  • PE facilities support
Communication allowance
  • Phone bill support
  • Vacationpaid vacation, foundation day labor day
  • HolidayTransportation money for holiday, Gift for memorial day
  • Birth/childcareVacation before/after birth
Family event support
  • Family event vacation, expenditure for congratulations and condolences, Flowers (Funeral good support)
Education Support
  • LanguageEnglish, Chinese, Japanese
  • CertificateProviding celebrating money, supporting annual fee
Employee welfare fund
Additional benefits plan
  • Choice of Education, Medical, Culture, Trip, Gift etc


We have clear and rational HR system so that every employee could have their career
with passion and accomplishment
    • Staff R&D: Researcher – 3 years
      Stage that he/she can understand the problem of substance,
      perform typical job and ready to learn task.
    • Assistant Manager R&D: Senior Engineer – 5 years
      Stage that he/she can arrange the phenomenon in detail,
      can finish the task with given process, and investigate what he/she has to do actively
    • Manager R&D: Principal Engineer – 6 year
      Stage that he/she can analyze the issue in various ways, and complete the task self-contained with strong ownership of his/her job area.
    • Senior ManagerR&D: Chief Engineer – 6 year
      Stage that he/she can provide solution for issues, have knowledge more than 2 areas to perform the job,
      and can draw harmony among team staffs.
    • General Manager
      Stage that he/she can predict possible issues to prevent,
      find/propose work inside of belonging organization and
      can draw staffs passion so they can challenge the new tasks